My three year old son was diagnosed with ASD on January 15, 2016.  I was sad, angry and confused.  I needed to talk to someone about how I was feeling as a parent.  With autism being a topic of common conversation and so many children being diagnosed, I thought finding support would be easy.  It was anything but.  I found one support group over an hour away and I was the only parent that showed up.  This made me more sad, angry and confused.  I made a desperate plea on Facebook to find someone who was willing to talk to me about this and their experiences and emotions.  I still couldn’t find any support and I made a joke to my husband that I was starting my own proper support group in a dark, dingy church basement with cold coffee and stale donuts.  It would be a place I could cry and scream without judgement.  I would give it a cool name like ‘Autism Can Kiss My Ass’.  So, this blog has become my emotional support system.  This is my online diary of my journey with a child with an autism diagnosis.