My mortgage bill came, oh just kidding, that’s our therapy bill!

Imagine my surprise when I opened a bill for my son’s speech and OT and it read approximately $2700!  I had received one bill prior to this for $46, which I paid, but of course that payment is not reflected on this bill.  When I called the business office I was told that yes, they received that $46 but they didn’t know why it was not applied against this new huge balance.  Nor could they answer why I all of sudden got this huge bill.  I was referred to their billing specialist that I have been playing phone tag with for weeks.  Once I get a hold of the billing specialist and fix what’s wrong there, I get the pleasure of calling our insurance to find out what happened there since we have already met my son’s individual deductible, yet we received this bill and for some added fun we just received a bill for my son’s ear surgery for over $1000.  Life isn’t hard enough dealing with life’s obstacles, let alone the obstacles facing a child with autism that I now have to take hours away from him and my family to battle our insurance company.   It is hard enough to make ends meet today, how are all the parents of children with special needs surviving?  Here is a frightening fact, our family would be better off financially if my husband lost his job!  He would have 100% of his time to help with our children, he would get unemployment, we could apply for state medical benefits, and he would be able to access investments at his company that he is not allowed to while being employed!  No wonder this country is in trouble and has voted democratic.  We are encouraged to be dependent on the government and with a special needs child, how else could you survive.  The system is broken and my family and my child are suffering the consequences.

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