My OT Is Burned Out?

Much to my dismay, we were just notified that my child is going to get a new OT.  This will be our third OT in 5 months.  So far my son has done well with these changes but at some point he may not do so well if this keeps happening.  Now I have to go through everything yet again with someone new.  I asked why this keeps happening and I was told and we have noticed at other facilities there is a high turnover in OTs.  I asked why that is and it seems they get burnt out after working with these kids.  They get burned out?  They get to go home at the end of the day to a home free of screaming, hitting, kicking, flapping, head butting and food spitting.  We as parents deal with this 24/7.   Maybe I don’t feel so bad now that some days I am so stressed the room starts spinning.

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